Evict a Tenant in Massachusetts

Evict a Tenant in Massachusetts

Eviction in Massachusetts

Many landlords can go their entire career without evicting a tenant.  If the situation arises, you should know the eviction criteria, steps to evict your tenant and most importantly the options to expedite the eviction process available to you in Massachusettes.

Eviction Criteria in Massachusetts

While the eviction process is long and challenging, the criteria to serve an eviction is relatively straight forward.   There are three main categories for legal evictions in Massachusettes: non-payment, no-fault and for-cause.

  • Non-Payment Eviction:
    • There is no grace period for non-payment in Massachusettes.  A non-payment eviction can begin the day after the missed rent is due.
  • No-Fault Eviction:
    • When an apartment or building in uninhabitable due to contamination or renovation a no-fault eviction is served.
  • For-Cause Evictions:
    • Most noteworthy if there is a violation of the lease, unapproved tenants, illegal activity, drug use, excessive noise or harassment there is a for-cause eviction.

If you feel your situation meets these criteria, you have the right to begin the steps of the eviction process.

Steps to Evict your Tenant in Massachusetts

If you feel that you have substantial cause for a non-payment eviction, a no-fault eviction or a for-cause eviction you can begin the lengthy eviction process. There are five basic steps in the process.

  1. Research your tenancy agreement
  2. Purchase and fill out a Summons and Complaint form
  3. Serve the tenant (seek legal coverage from a sheriff or constable)
  4. File it with the court after serving the tenant
  5. Keep meticulous records

Although these steps seem simple on paper, these five steps can take several months to resolve. In addition, missing any of these steps or misfiling a document can bring the whole process to a standstill.  As a result, there are options to expedite this lengthy process.

Options to Expedite the Eviction Process

Due to the complexities of this process, many landlords choose to sell their income properties.  In conclusion, if you want to skip the all the headaches required to evict a tenant, contact us at CNS Home Solutions.  Home Solutions will buy your property cash. The result is a quick sale and we evict your tenant for you.  Most importantly, CNS Home Solutions can help you walk away cash in hand without having to serve an eviction!


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