Wholesaler Opportunities

Wholesaler Opportunities

Attention Massachusetts Wholesalers, We Want Houses!

If you are a wholesaler in Massachusetts, we want to get to know you and take you out for lunch, dinner or a quick coffee. As of now our company is looking to increase deal flow and grow substantially in the coming months and years and we need your help to get to that goal. All wholesalers, please review our criteria below and give us a call anytime and don’t forget to add us to your buyers list!

Email: cns.rei@gmail.com
Phone: (508) 205-0338

What is our buying criteria?

We buy houses and apartment buildings units and are always looking for more! We do not buy anything less than a 5 unit.

What is your budget?

On renovations to flip we like to stay at a purchase price below $275,000.00. There is no limit to renovation cost. With respect to apartments, there is no limit. We love getting creative and have no problem working with people we trust in the partnership arena.

What locations do you buy in?

Visit our where we buy houses page to find out where we buy in.

Are you serious buyers?

No question about it, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time and we want to cultivate long relationships with wholesalers, agents, investors, everyone that is like minded.

01 Feb, 2017 By 0 comments

Kyle and Tony could not have been more of a pleasure to work with on my sale of 203 205 Tinkham Street in New Bedford, MA. They made it painless, stuck to their promise and had my house purchased within 30 days of agreement. Could not have been happier!

Donna S.

Well, that was easy! Called them, expected to get low balled but they gave me a very fair offer for what I was looking for and what they were looking for and came to an agreement where we were both happy. Would recommend these two guys to anyone who wants an easy transaction!

Nathan G.

My house was actually in foreclosure, somehow they contacted the city of New Bedford, MA had them go to the courts and pulled me out so I could at least walk away with something at closing. Was very surprised but very happy at the same time. Thanks so much guys!

Gerald S.