Private Money Program

Private Money Program

CNS Home Solutions, LLC is committed to growth in Massachusetts to ensure long term success of it’s owners and employees. Much like any business, to ensure longetivity and year after year growth, CNS must acquire and utilize more capital to leverage current and future projects for business gain. Below are programs partnership opportunities that CNS is committed to nurturing. We have many real estate investor opportunities from both the buying and lending side.

Private Money Lending Program

This is intended for family, friends, business partners and associates only

Are you tired of your money earning you 1% or even .5% that the banks accrue? Make your money work for you! Just take a look at the comparison between your money sitting in a bank gaining 1% interest versus 8% with CNS Home Solutions, LLC.


In this example, if you were to invest $200,000.00 with a bank earning 1% interest, at the end of 1 year (assuming monthly compound) you would gain a total of $2,009.19. That same amount invested with CNS Home Solutions would gain a total of $16,599.90.

Is My Money Secure?


We are extremely transparent. Any questions? We have answers. We can even discuss with your attorneys or our attorneys, whatever you want. The investment is secured by obtaining first position on the real estate. We purchase properties on average approximately .65 cents on the dollar. Your gain is our gain and are out to get you the best return on your money possible.

If you want more information on our private lending program, please fill out the form to the right of the screen so we can contact you about future real estate investor opportunities.

Are you local? Where do you invest?

Yes, we invest in southeastern, MA but do have interest in the areas outside of southern Boston.


28 Jan, 2017 By 0 comments

Kyle and Tony could not have been more of a pleasure to work with on my sale of 203 205 Tinkham Street in New Bedford, MA. They made it painless, stuck to their promise and had my house purchased within 30 days of agreement. Could not have been happier!

Donna S.

Well, that was easy! Called them, expected to get low balled but they gave me a very fair offer for what I was looking for and what they were looking for and came to an agreement where we were both happy. Would recommend these two guys to anyone who wants an easy transaction!

Nathan G.

My house was actually in foreclosure, somehow they contacted the city of New Bedford, MA had them go to the courts and pulled me out so I could at least walk away with something at closing. Was very surprised but very happy at the same time. Thanks so much guys!

Gerald S.