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Want to know about us?

CNS Home Solutions is a company that you can truly count on to be there for you throughout the entire process of selling your home as there is no red tape and no hidden agendas. This is simply a small community oriented company who is ready willing and able to help you. The best thing is we buy houses no matter the condition. We even buy houses that are occupied by renters. No matter your situation you can count on CNS Home Solutions.

Not only do we buy houses, but we also believe in making investments in the community. Everyone’s story is unique as is their situation. We care, and we take each individuals situation into consideration.

CNS Home Solutions is the perfect alternative to hiring an expensive real estate agent. We pride ourselves in being real estate investors! Also, there is no long wait to sell your home as there would be if you were to list it on the market. The process is so much simpler than all of the red tape that comes with listing your home on the market.

We can make you a fast offer if in fact that is what you are looking for. This process  for first time home sellers. After all, the market can be tricky and confusion. We eliminate all of that. The only requirement is that the home must meet the criteria for investing. We will work with you to schedule an appointment that best suites your schedule, we will take a walk through together and discuss any needed repairs that may be presented. Based on the findings you will have an offer right on the spot. A contract can be drawn up and presented to the title company right away where the closing will be handled from there.

Don’t hesitate any longer; call CNS Home Solutions today  or fill out a form on our home page to get ball rolling!


Kyle and Tony could not have been more of a pleasure to work with on my sale of 203 205 Tinkham Street in New Bedford, MA. They made it painless, stuck to their promise and had my house purchased within 30 days of agreement. Could not have been happier!

Donna S.

Well, that was easy! Called them, expected to get low balled but they gave me a very fair offer for what I was looking for and what they were looking for and came to an agreement where we were both happy. Would recommend these two guys to anyone who wants an easy transaction!

Nathan G.

My house was actually in foreclosure, somehow they contacted the city of New Bedford, MA had them go to the courts and pulled me out so I could at least walk away with something at closing. Was very surprised but very happy at the same time. Thanks so much guys!

Gerald S.
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